Migraines have gotten better, so am back on the xylitol. I take it in the mornings, in hot water, instead of having breakfast. It’s working quite well, although I’m also back in bikram yoga quite a bit. Lost a few pounds, although I’m not tracking all that closely. Still too damned heavy though.


Day 4

October 18, 2007

Feeling migraneous again today, though it hasn’t tipped over to actual migraine.

I picked up some Xylitol last night at Elephant Pharmacy in Berkeley (yay!). Overpriced, but convenient. I drank some last night before bed, with no ill effects. Some appetite suppression (“AS”) this morning. Still trying to find extra-light olive oil, I’m dreading going to Whole Foods, but that seems the only place that carries it. Meh.

Day 3

October 17, 2007

I actually ate a ton yesterday, but then again, I had another migraine, and those always send my appetite out of whack. (It’s like my body wants any comfort it can, while it’s hurting so bad.)

Today I sipped hot sugar water in the AM, and it worked OK, and I was satisfied pretty easily at lunch. Wasn’t in the mood to snack afterwards, until I started feeling another migraine. Had a hit of pot (a friend tells me it helps with migraines in small doses- I’m not really much of a smoker otherwise, gets me too high!)…and then promptly got the munchies. And the headache’s not all the way gone.

BUT- I didn’t binge or anything.  Gonna take some oil when I get home.

Starting the search to buy xylitol (a sugar alternative that helps with appetite suppression)  here in Berkeley.

Shangri-La, take two.

October 16, 2007

I tried the Shangri-La Diet (“SLD”) about a year ago, during a time when I was struggling with bad migraines. The SLD actually made them worse (tried with both oil and sugar), so I stopped after a month or so.

Fast-forward a little over a year. My migraines are still bad, but I’ve gained about 40 pounds. The migraine drugs I am on mess with my body, and I crave food, and can’t figure out when I’m full. I can’t exercise when I have migraines, and when you’re getting 3+ migraines a week- that means not much exercise. (When I do exercise, I do Bikram Yoga). Which is awesome!

I started back with the SLD yesterday (2 tbsp. of walnut oil), and this morning am sipping hot water with 2 tbsp. sugar dissolved in about 2 cups water. The sugarwater is definitely helping with hunger, though I am looking forward to lunch.

I haven’t weighed myself in weeks, I’m scared to figure out how high it is.

I’m signed up with Weight Watchers, although I haven’t been tracking my points lately. Back on doing that today.

I’m going to Whole Paycheck Foods after work to pick up some ELOO (extra-light olive oil) and perhaps some flaxseed oil as well, and definitely some fructose (my body is sensitive to blood sugar spikes, so sucrose isn’t the best thing for me).

At this point, I am hopeful, yet desperate.